Health Coaching Services

Health Coaching services are available to HCS employees and dependents who are enrolled on an HCS health insurance plan.  You and your health coach will work together to create an individualized plan to help meet your health and wellness needs.  Your health coach focuses on doing what works for the patient and making small changes to meet big goals. Other services include: 

  • Help identify habits and obstacles standing in the way of meeting your wellness goals

  • Develop individual health and nutrition goals by focusing on personalized habit changes that will last

  • Provide nutrition education so you feel empowered in your ability to make appropriate food choices

  • Discuss stress management and sleep hygiene tactics so they become a part of your health lifestyle

  • Schedule follow-up appointments based on your individual needs

  • Provide accountability and support as you work toward achieving your goals

To schedule an appointment with a health coach, email or call 423-498-7020.